Kevin Clancy

February 2020

The PPAI is saddened to hear of the death of our colleague Kevin Clancy


Irish Times tribute to Kevin Clancy

Johnny Bambury - "My auld iPhone pic is getting plenty of use! He would have been thrilled at the ‘modern technology"

Pic:Kenneth O'Halloran


Pic:Kyran O Brien - Kevin, on right, shooting 'Meatloaf' outside Eddie Rockets


Article in The Examiner


Facebook posts by Michael Mac Sweeney and Johnny Bambury from Kevin's funeral.


Comments from PPAI members

Robbie Reynolds - What a fitting tribute to a wonderful, beautiful man who was absolutely selfless. A guy anyone was proud to call a colleague or friend. I’ll miss the fun he always brought to any table, weather that table was on fire! Underwater! Or just bland...Kev was never, ever bland. May whatever God’s up there be good to him as much as he was to everyone around him. X

Andrew Downes - A very sad day . He touched the lives of so many in Galway, mayo, Sligo, Cavan and tullamore . He was very good to me and gave me my start in photojournalism as he did so many others.

Steve Humphreys - Kevin was a genuinely good guy. I’ll always remember how he showed me around the Indo and the darkroom on my first freelance shift there. If there’s a heaven he’s definitely there and all I can say is God help them all up there when Kevin gets in !

James Connolly - Kevin also got me into photojournalism, but gave me so much more than that with his genuine friendship and affection. He arrived at my house one day in a double decker bus and piled all the kids in our estate onto it and drove them around the village. Never a dull moment with Kevin, he was one sweet gentleman and I’m absolutely heartbroken that he is gone.

Michael Mac Sweeney - Well! that was dramatic! fair play to him and commiserations to us all really. There is a star shining for us for the next few weeks because he will be with us! Knowing him

Johnny Bambury - Kevin knew that I wanted to drive an Islero and a Routemaster before I died. We squished into the single cab of a Routemaster before he let me drive it. We were supposed to take Mr Taytos Double Decker to Rome for a game of footie for a promo trip, but the twits didn’t get ‘at 30mph it’ll take a while’ . So we never went. LEGEND

Justin Mac Innes - Kevin, far far to young to be taken. A lovely sole. He will be hugely missed. RIP.

Kate Horgan - One night in about 1992 Kevin and I were outside Government Buildings for HOURS waiting for Haughey to come out after he resigned. At one point Kevin decided to make use of the toilet in the security hut - and of course what happened but Haughey's came out and got into his waiting car, up at the main door. I yelled for Kevin and got a prime shot of him hustling madly out of the hut, doing up his trousers as he went. We both shot the car as it went through the gate, then rushed back to process and print - Kevin to the Indo, me to the Press. But woe was me - every one of my frames was soft. I rang the Indo darkroom and he was still there (no mobiles of course). I was in luck. I nipped down to O'Connell Bridge, Kevin pulled up (possibly in that Jag?), and handed me a single neg though the open window. Back up to the Press darkroom, not a word to anyone, and both papers got their Haughey shot that night. What a gent, what a legend, and it says something about his skills that he got the pic even in those circumstances!

Damien Eagers - Our paths never crossed but Kevin sounds like some character, with the stories people are telling, may he rest in peace.