TO AIR on RTE - Monday 12th October, 9.35pm

In 2009 a young man from Tipperary, Michael Dwyer, was shot dead by a secret police unit in a dramatic hotel raid in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In this very personal film his mother, Caroline, travels to Bolivia, Brazil, Washington and Brussels as she searches for answers and looks for an international inquiry into why her son died such a terrible death so far from home.
Accused after his death of being tied in with terrorist group activity against Bolivia and its President, Evo Morales, Michael Dwyer did not have the opportunity to answer questions or refute any of the reports subsequently written about him. His mother, Caroline, has spent much of the last six years trying to find out what happened to her son.
Since the night when Michael Dwyer, Eduardo Rozsa Flores and Arpad Magyarosi were killed and two more men were taken into custody, there were doubts that the story put into the international press was totally accurate. It had all the elements of a deadly thriller but with many loose ends and extraordinary explanations for what happened and Michael Dwyer’s role in it all.
This documentary explores what led a seemingly ordinary young man like Michael Dwyer to Bolivia and how he got caught up in something so unimaginable that it led to his violent death there at the hands of the secret police. To his mother, Caroline, it is unthinkable that he could have been guilty of all the things he was accused of in the wake of his death; she has to go and find out now for herself what happened.
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