The Press Photographer of the Year Awards were established to bring the talented & memorable work of Ireland's press photographers to a wider audience. Entries are submitted by members of the Press Photographers Association of Ireland and the images should have been taken during the previous twelve months.

The Awards have gone from strength to strength and judging the entries can take several days. With over 2,000 entries to consider, all of a very high standard, difficult decisions have to be made. The Judging panel picks first, second and third places in each of nine picture categories, as well as the overall winner.

To view this years winners select from the categories.

Previous winners

2023 Mark Condren
2022 James Crombie
2021 James Crombie
2020 Mark Condren
2019 Tom Honan
2018 Cyril Byrne
2017 Gerry Mooney
2016 Mark Condren
2015 Alan Betson
2014 Julien Behal
2013 Mark Condren
2012 Julien Behal
2011 Mark Condren
2009 Mark Condren
2008 Steve Humphreys
2007 Niall Carson
2006 Bryan O'Brien
2005 Matt Kavanagh
2004 Alan Betson
2003 Frank Miller
2002 Bryan O'Brien
2001 Brenda Fitzsimons
2000 Bryan O'Brien
1999 Bryan O'Brien
1998 Frank Miller
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1995 Bryan O'Brien
1994 Crispin Rodwell
1993 Matt Kavanagh
1992 Matt Kavanagh
1991 Dara Mac Dónaill
1990 Billy Stickland
1989 James Meehan
1988 John Carlos
1987 Jim O'Kelly
1986 Eric Luke
1985 Peter Thursfield
1984 Alan Lewis
1983 Peter Thursfield
1982 Tom Lawlor
1981 Austin Finn
1980 Peter Thursfield
1979 Brian Barron
1978 Colman Doyle

Arts and Entertainment

1st Place Winner

Arts and Entertainment 2011, Julien Behal


Jade Costello, aged 5, from Dublin tries to climb on a giant armchair as she enjoys a sneak preview of Ireland's first Leprechaun Museum in central Dublin

Daily Life & People

1st Place Winner

Daily Life & People 2011, WASH DAY


A duck, pheasants and rabbits hang from a washing line before being plucked, skinned and frozen at Garron Point.

Nature & The Environment

1st Place Winner

Nature & The Environment 2011, Fran Veale

ROOM WITH A VIEW by Fran Veale

A child at his apartment window in the unfinished estate of Belmayne, Dublin.


1st Place Winner

News 2011, Mark Condren

LAID TO REST by Mark Condren

The body of Toyosi Shitta Bey, the 15-year-old boy who was stabbed to death in Tyrellstown, Dublin, is laid to rest at the Muslim burial ground in Rathcoole cemetery


1st Place Winner

Politics 2011, Niall Carson


Trevor Sargent is given a standing ovation after his resignation as a government Minister during the Party Convention at the Tower Hotel in Waterford, Ireland.


1st Place Winner

Portrait 2011, Kenneth O’Halloran

ANNE MARIE by Kenneth O’Halloran

Anne Marie with her Geese


1st Place Winner

Reportage 2011, Kim Haughton

SHADOWLANDS by Kim Haughton

Across Ireland, it is estimated that there are 300,000 unoccupied houses and over 600 unfinished 'ghost estates'. As construction was the defining symbol of the boom, these empty edifices, scattered all across the landscape have become symbolic of the bust. At the height of the celtic tiger, 25% of workers were employed in the construction sector when the European average was 8%. These empty properties stand as painful reminders of our fragile hopes and the ephemeral nature of things.

Sports Action

1st Place Winner

Sports Action 2011, Jonathan Porter

JUMP FOR JOY by Jonathan Porter

Adam McBurney celebrates after winning his fight against Philip McClelland in Antrim Intermediate Championships at the Dockers Club, Belfast.

Sports Portfolio

1st Place Winner

Sports Portfolio 2011, John D Kelly

SPORTS HERO'S by John D Kelly

Sports Hero's; Pictures viewed from top left show action from the Tipperary versus Galway all Ire quarter final, action from the National Coursing meeting in Clonmel, athletes compete in the Clonmel A C 4 mile road race, snooker legend Steve Davis takes on local players in a challenge match, action from the Munster Downhill Moutain Bike Championships, the closing stages of a race at Clonmel race course, Clonmel Boxer Shauna O Keeffe in training at their club, St Michael's F C players being consoled by the opposition Fairview after losing the F A I Junior cup final