Cork man, John Kearney, West Cork Rapid response, has been awarded €100,000 in funding from the Arthur Guinness Fund. Michael Lyons from Diageo get some treatment from John Kearney,Karl Knapman and Aodh O'Donnell from West Cork Rapid response .Many rural areas in Ireland are cut off from essential emergency services, due to their distance from cities and major hospitals. John Kearney and his community decided not to simply complain about this lack of provision, but rather to actively support the work of the existing emergency services.Through the efficient use of local voluntary resources, West Cork Rapid Response brings the same standard of intensive care drugs, monitoring, equipment, diagnostics and skills to rural homes, farms and roads that would be expected in the best hospital resuscitation rooms across Europe. By encouraging local doctors to volunteer their time, and providing the use of a local emergency vehicle, West Cork Rapid Response can respond quickly to any accident. The service is provided entirely free of charge in close collaboration with the National Ambulance Service.