Keeper of the Light...Richard Foran ,Valentia Island, is the Lighthouse Keeper on Skellig Michael Island one of the most enigmatic and remote sacred sites of all Europe.It lies 12 km of the South west coast of Kerry. An imposing Rock face continuously beaten by the strong Atlantic Ocean, rising 218 meters about sea level. Skellig lighthouse is one of the main sea lights off the south west coast of Ireland and is located on the outer and larger of the Skellig rocks. Two Lighthouses were established on Skellig Michael in 1826, only one remains, automated in 1987, Richard visits and maintains the Lighthouse every 3rd week and is often stranded on the island due to adverse weather conditions as was the case on this particular visit when fog and the unforgiving swells of the Atlantic sea, kept him there for three days. Richard is a great story teller and avid reader. His stories of lighthouse keepers along Ireland's Coasts are fascinating.